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  • Developer: OMOCAT
  • Genre: Puzzle Game
  • Version: v1.0.8
User Rating: Rating 4.50

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Release Date
OMOCAT, LLC, Playism
Puzzle Game
Windows, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo


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Explore Real & Surreal Worlds: Download OMORI for Free or Play Online

Matthew Nelson

A game called OMORI will send your emotions on a wild ride. Story is dark and deep, with many twists and turns that will keep you guessing.

It is a dark and emotional indie game that will take you on an unforgettable journey. The OMORI for free download has a rich, surprising plot, vibrant, distinctive graphics, challenging yet enjoyable gameplay, and a high replayability rate.


Graphics are colorful and unique. World of OMORI game for free is full of strange and wonderful creatures, and characters are all interesting and well-designed. Art style is definitely one of the highlights of horror RPGs.


Gameplay combines traditional turn-based RPG gameplay with a more action-based approach that keeps players engaged. Story is intriguing, and characters are likable. Horror RPG is also challenging, which is a plus. Overall, Highly recommend play OMORI online to anyone who enjoys RPGs. It’s worth your time.


The multiplayer in free OMORI game is limited but still enjoyable. There are only a few different multiplayer modes, but they are all fun to play. Game is best played with friends, as AI can be a bit challenging.


Replayability is high. There are multiple endings to game, and you will want to go back and explore all the different possibilities. Download OMORI for free is also full of secrets and Easter eggs, so you'll want to replay it to find them all.


  • What is OMORI for PC for free?
    It is an indie horror RPG developed by OMOCAT. RPG is about a boy named Omori who lives in a dream world that is a dark reflection of our own. Game draws inspiration from horror RPGs like EarthBound and Undertale.
  • What is the plot?
    Plot of OMORI for Mac download centers around titular character Omori. It is a young man who has lived in a dream world for as long as he can remember. One day, he is visited by a strange girl named Mari, who tells him that the world he is living in is not real. Boy must then find a way to wake up from his dream and return to the real world.
  • How do I play that RPG?
    You can play on PC, Mac, or Linux. Product is available for purchase on Steam.
  • What are the controls in game?
    Controls are simple. You use WASD keys to move, mouse to look around, and the left mouse button to interact with objects and people.
  • Is OMORI playing for free scary?
    RPG can be scary at times, but it is not incredibly graphic or gory.


Overall, it's a fantastic horror role-playing game that will lead you on a memorable adventure. Story of OMORI for Windows 10 is deep and full of twists, graphics are colorful and unique, gameplay is both challenging and fun, and replayability is high. If you're looking for an indie game that is unlike anything you've ever played before, then you need to check out that product.


  • Interesting, unique story;
  • Beautiful, hand-drawn art style;
  • Great soundtrack;
  • Creative puzzles.


  • Slow start;
  • Some confusing elements;
  • It may be too short for some.

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